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Vulnerability & Authentic Vision

Once an art juror walked a group of students through an art exhibition. She stopped before each work commenting on the technical mastery of each piece and why certain submissions received first, second, or no placement.

"We all start with representational art, copying what we see in the real world, often imitating other artist's styles we revere. Yet, to discover our own unique artistic vision we must push ourselves past what is familiar and known. We are called to experiment, take risks, and make "mistakes." 90% of what we create may end up in the trash. Yet, if we give ourselves the opportunity to explore our creativity in this way, vulnerability in our work eventually emerges, regardless of the medium. Spontaneously our artistry evokes a feeling response from our viewers as they glimpse a fresh vision of life, sparking their imagination." she said.

Thus, while a crisp clear photograph is often taken at face value-it documents what is-there is little room for viewer imagination to play with possibilities or embark on a new way of seeing. Yet, the history of photography is rich with experimentation. Many enthusiasts over time have explored the camera's ability to capture the world in new and unusual ways.

I endeavor to follow in their footsteps by creating compelling visual poetry with my fine art photography. I pursue the essential beauty of color and form in the natural world so that viewers may contemplate a deeper connection with all-that-is. In so doing, we may experience magical and unexpected visions which convey something unspoken and mysterious. I am after beauty which touches our inner being.

I invite my viewer to linger a bit and interpret my naturescapes in a deeper, more personal way. I seek to evoke a change in perception, a meditative awareness, a reconsideration of the dream of ourselves, or that which appears to be. Often, but not always, the clear focus of the camera lens is purposely abandoned to encourage a connection with the eternal and transcendent forces at work in the world.

Portfolio Description

After Burn explores the destruction and renewal of the pacific northwest forest after wildfire burns in sharp focus.

Indian Summer depicts the brilliant and lingering palette of color in the autumn landscape.

Desert Art presents cacti and other blooming desert plants of the Southwest.

Earth Reveries portrays the recognizeable allure of each botanic subject.

Garden Dreams introduces a body of work which is ethereal and other worldly, where botanic inspiration acts as a springboard for an environment that is no longer recognizable.

Lightscapes demonstrates the interplay of light with abstact form in natural settings.

Intimate Abstracts engages viewers with a closeup palette of flowing color and form.

It is my hope that the images in my portfolio awaken your desire to experience beauty and the dream of ourselves in new ways. And thus, I invite you to explore the space between now and next.

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Lynn Anderson


Lynn Anderson fine art photography
The Space Between Now and Next